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Interesting Case Studies


We have 2 options for interesting case submission.


Firstly, we will have an electronic Poster board displayed.   We invite submission of interesting cases for the electronic poster session, which will be displayed throughout the meeting.  We should be able to accommodate most submissions to the electronic poster session.


Secondly, we invite participants to submit challenging or interesting cases, whether current or historical, for presentation and discussion in each of the 10 academic sessions.  Please choose the most appropriate session.  We will select 2 or 3 cases per session, and will let you know 1 month prior to the conference whether you are invited to present. If English is not your first language, you may nominate someone to present on your behalf if you wish. If video files are too large to email, we will have a Dropbox account established to accept large files.


We suggest a 5 minute or less PowerPoint presentation, with photos or preferably video, between 2 and 10 slides as a guide.

Cases that we cannot accommodate in the academic sessions we will offer submission for the electronic poster session.


Academic Case Presentations:

Submissions will open September 1st, and a reminder email will be sent out to registrants at that time.  Submissions will close December 1st, and accepted submissions will be notified by December 15th.


Electronic Poster session submissions:

Submissions will open September 1st.

Submissions will close December 1st

However we will attempt to notify applicants of acceptances within 2 weeks of submission.


Please let us know if a case presentation is desirable to assist with you travelling to this conference

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